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Doughnut Hole Productions

Interview with Andrew

by Justin
Sunday, February 8, 2009 @ 11:48:04 PM
All comments expressed represent the views of the individuals themselves and do not necessarily represent the official view of Doughnut Hole Productions.

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DHP: Today, DHP films is doing a special interview with one of the top creative minds in Doughnut Hole Productions, Andrew Stevens! Drew has been a vital part of DHP since it’s conception, in acting, technical work behind the camera and, as a member of the team, throwing in valuable ideas for all our films. As producer and co-writer for the blockbuster hit of 2007, “Secret in the Book”, Drew has again started the ball rolling on a sequel to the family adventure movie.

Drew, as always it’s good to be able to talk to you and pull you away from the producer’s chair for a few minutes to talk about this highly anticipated film.

Drew: Thanks! It’s always fun to be able to share with our fans some information about our new movies. What do you want to hear about?

DHP: Given the way the last film ended, it seemed like the adventure was closed. Why “Secret in the Book 2”?

Drew: My original movie idea (that became SitB2) wasn’t necessarily for this series. But it worked so well with the story setup that we already had that we began talking more about it. After talking with some of the guys and hearing their ideas…Well, it seemed like there was more to tell. I mean, it’s kind of an open closet secret that the original SitB was a spoof of National Treasure. We figured that if they could do a sequel, why not us? It’s a known fact in the moviemaking world that a good movie, no matter how final the ending seems to be, can always be given a sequel.

DHP: So is it a new adventure then?

Drew: Not really. The characters, minus Kevin, are the same ones from the last movie. It continues on the story that they started in the first movie.

DHP: Which brings me to another question: So many Hollywood sequels come out with out the big star that made the franchise famous or with the supporting characters taking over as the main characters in future films. With Kevin having moved on, doesn’t this bode ill for SitB2?

Drew: We’ve been talking about throwing a joke in about Kevin already finding his ‘treasure’. But really, the focus of the first movie wasn’t Kevin. We felt that the real attraction of the movie was the plot and the hunt for treasure. Unlike some of our movies (Night at the Church, In the Eagle’s Nest, Witnessing), Kevin’s character wasn’t what the movie centered around. If we were doing a sequel to Night at the Church, for instance, that would definitely be more of a problem. But right now, that’s not on our slate of future films. Though Justin has actually been asking everyone lately whether he looks like an average ‘Joe the Janitor’ who people can identify with, so there may be something there. Who knows?

DHP: Some felt that a flaw in the first movie was the lack of female characters. Is that issue addressed in the sequel at all?

Drew: Brian’s character has a romantic interest in the first scene. It’s sort of an unrequited love thing. I’m mostly kidding actually, but you’ll see what I mean when the movie comes out. Seriously though, we really don’t have many girl leads in DHP movies. Aside from “The Man from Snowy Trickle”, we’ve really pretty much never considered that a major issue.

DHP: But it worked so well in ‘Snowy Trickle’ that some might think you’re ignoring filmmaking possibilities by sticking to your ‘guys only (mostly)’ standard.

Drew: Maybe, but that’s not something we’re too worried about right now.

DHP: Moving along: Besides Kevin leaving, will there be any other major thematic changes in SitB2? I mean, will fans of the first film feel like they’re watching another classic?

Drew: Well, it’s different in a lot of ways; it’s broadened out more. But I think fans will find that the things they liked in the first movie are still there, and the new elements will only up the ante as far as enjoyment. So I don’t think there will be any disappointment for fans of the first movie.

DHP: Can you elaborate a little on what has changed?

Drew: We have more diverse locations. We’ve spent more time working on the back-story and history for the treasure that they’re searching for. We’ve utilized more of our cast this time around, too.

DHP: We can’t have an interview with the mastermind behind this highly anticipated movie without coaxing some spoilers out of you. Can you tell us anything about the plot at all?

Drew: We’re trying to keep spoilers under wraps as much as possible, but to go back to something you asked earlier: The two movies tie together in that the final clue from the original, “Behind the cross”, didn’t refer to the trophies we found at the end.

DHP: Interesting. So as we wrap up, did you have a favorite scene to shoot or a shot that got filmed that looks especially cool?

Drew: So far, my favorite scene was a scene we have near the start of the movie that takes place during a church service. It kind of kicks off the whole adventure, and I think you’ll enjoy it when you see it.

DHP: I’ll be looking forward to that then. How far into production are you right now?

Drew: We’re still filming for a little longer, and then we’ll go into post-production. I’ve already started editing some of the movie, though.

DHP: How soon can we expect to see it online?

Drew: We’re hoping to get it out before Spring, 2009. If all works out, it’ll probably be in the middle of March, depending how everything works out.

DHP: Thanks Drew for taking time to talk to us about “Secret in the Book 2” and we’ll look forward to seeing it.

Drew: Thanks for having me. So long, everyone.

“Secret in the Book 2: Face in the Water” is Coming Soon. Find more updates on http://www.DHPfilms.com

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