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Doughnut Hole Productions

Script Contest

by Andrew
Saturday, January 6, 2007 @ 1:44:15 PM
We thought it would be fun to have a script contest, with the winning entry being made into a film. No complex juding method; we'll just pick our favorite. :)

No cash prize, just writing credits. Maybe if it is really good, we'll send you a few doughnut holes compliments of DHP.

Here are a few suggested guidelines:

Characters - Less is more. Our core group consists of 7 guys who are rarely all available at once. Five is probably the most reasonable. Females are possible but try not to give them major parts or create awkward situations.

Length - Preferrably under 30 minutes and over 2 minutes. We can make exceptions for something that really grabs our attention, however.

Story - Remember, we are in SoCal. We have a lot of varying terrain, but there still are limitations. We're also college and highschool students with limited income, so some ideas may be ommitted simply for being unrealistic with our financial and geographical status. Christian message is a huge plus if written well.

Script - If it's comedy, feel free to include dialogue but we may stick in some of our own mania. If it's drama, dialogue is a huge plus. But again, it may be edited slightly if the actors have trouble with it.

Send your entries to:

contest (at) dhpfilms (dot) com

Posted by Andrew @ 1:44:15 PM | Comments (108)
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