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Doughnut Hole Productions


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Six-Gun Justice

Two lawmen on foot are pursuing an outlaw. They meet a hunter on the plains who agrees to guide them to Three Rivers. But not all is as it appears as you will see when you watch, "Six-Gun Justice"!


Christmas in California

The DHP crew and friends wish you a "Merry Christmas" from sunny southern California!


The Man From Snowy Trickle

After tragedy strikes young Jim, he must leave his home in the Mountains of Australia to find work in the lowlands. Based on the Man From Snowy River, this satirical spoof will bring tears of laughter to your eyes. See it today!


Slumming for God: Christmas Special

Doughnut Hole Productions' Christmas present to you: "Slumming for God: Christmas Special". Our famed witnesser tries his hand at caroling in this short. Merry Christmas!


Price Of Vengeance

Vengeance and bitterness can destroy you, inside and out. Is the price worth it? This (very) short western deals with just that.


Slumming for God - Episode II

The long-awaited and explosive sequel to Witnessing, Slumming for God is another example of what happens when we take God's work into our own hands rather than seeking His will and way in faith.


Kitchen Hockey League

It's fast. It's deadly. It's the Kitchen Hockey League! The rapid-speed action of the game will blow you off your feet. And even if you regain them, the smart and sassy quips and one-liners from the game's commentators will knock you down in convulsions of laughter.


Slumming for God (Witnessing)

A hippie, a crank and a criminal. That's what you get when you watch Witnessing! The story of an over-zealous christian who thinks God can take the day off with him on duty. The results prove once again, that without the Lord to guide us, even the most simple righteous acts turn to banana oil.


Geek Alert

It's brains versus brawn in this hunt for a treasure greater then any known to boys!


The Perfect Rug

Girlfri...err...Rug troubles? Watch this hilarious short to find out how to solve your slipping and sliding troubles permanently!


Sleeping In

If your eyes won't open in the morning, this film is for you! (Very short advertisement)


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