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Doughnut Hole Productions

The Man From Snowy Trickle

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The Man From Snowy Trickle

After tragedy strikes young Jim, he must leave his home in the Mountains of Australia to find work in the lowlands. Based on the Man From Snowy River, this satirical spoof will bring tears of laughter to your eyes. See it today!

Kyle Stevens .... Jim
Rachel Stevens .... Jessica
Kevin Weston .... Kirk
Justin Orman .... Douglas
Emily Weston .... Aunt
Andrew Stevens .... Ranch Hand
Stephen Weston .... Jeff
Richard Weston .... Jim's Dad
Rebecca Stevens .... Maid
Jonathan Ouatu .... Ranch Hand
Ashley Sebo .... Girl at table

Runtime: 15:47

 Stream (YouTube, 437x370)
 Google Photos (Google Photos, )


Comment by Laura Brown on 10/26/2007 @ 11:55:05 AM
Dear me. :)

What a film!

Comment by Kayla Updike on 10/26/2007 @ 4:55:05 PM
Hahahahahaha!!!! We watched it this afternoon and couldn't stop laughing!! It was really good guys! :)

Comment by Ashbrown on 10/26/2007 @ 6:47:55 PM
Oh! That was sooo much fun! I loved it!!!!!!!! Thanks guys for putting me in it! Great Job!!!!!!

Comment by Scarlet Jewel on 10/26/2007 @ 7:12:58 PM
I can't wait until Thanksgiving so I can watch it!!*resists temptation, resists temptation...*

Comment by Justin on 10/26/2007 @ 8:48:57 PM
You...thought it was funny? We thought we were making a serious drama. :|

Comment by Lois on 10/27/2007 @ 10:36:17 AM
....I'm sure she meant that in a good way Justin..:):)
Anyway, great film guys and gals! Rachael you did such a good job playing the bad girl!!

Comment by Johnny O. on 10/27/2007 @ 2:48:26 PM
The movie was funny . . . even if I haven't seen the original one! Great job, everyone!

Comment by Ryan on 10/29/2007 @ 12:03:55 PM
cool, how do I download it!

Comment by Kyle on 10/29/2007 @ 10:23:57 PM
You can't download it yet. We haven't uploaded that version. We should at some point, though.

Comment by Nathan on 12/3/2007 @ 1:50:01 PM
Haha, funny, I haven't seen or heard of the real version. A bit to many pieces left for the audience to pick up.

Comment by Nathan L on 12/23/2007 @ 7:39:30 PM
Very funny!

Comment by Dawna on 1/15/2008 @ 9:01:52 AM
Great job guys! I just wanted to let you know that DHP brings a lot of joy and mirth into our lives. :) We'll stream one of them all afternoon and have something to look forward to in the evening. Even my parents like them!
Thanks for all your hard work!

Comment by Michigander Ann on 6/13/2008 @ 8:09:03 AM
Justin- "I was born in Texas, but I was raised in Michigan!"
I knew there was a reason that I was going to like this one! ;)

Comment by Joelle on 7/14/2008 @ 12:31:42 AM
The funniest thing I have ever watched!
bravo! bravo!

Comment by Birchbark Cowgal on 8/7/2008 @ 2:52:12 PM
Good job on the satire! I couldn't help snickering throughout the film.
Loved that hilarious "mountain men wear their hats low over their eyes" bits!
Who was it who pushed "Jim" at the "precipice"?
I wonder, though, why didn't you use real horses? Of course, the brooms standing in for horses was funny. Were they used on purpose for hilarity's sake?

Comment by Justin on 8/15/2008 @ 1:16:30 PM
Well, we filmed it with horses. Then, when we were editing, it just didn't look right. So we voted to reshoot the scenes that had horses, and take them out. Purely for artistic reasons, you understand.

Comment by Birchbark Cowgal on 8/19/2008 @ 11:00:11 AM
Artistic reasons? Hmm... Just kidding! I do understand, though; after all, using brooms instead of horses made the film even funnier!
I forgot to mention in my comment that I thought Kevin gave a fine performance as Kirk (Spur in the movie)!
Did you guys crack up a lot when you were making this? I know I sure would have! :)

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